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"Are you sure you want to go..?" asked David after I reluctantly nodded my head yes. I had second thoughts right away but because I'm oh-so-bold I couldn't go back on my word. I had just agreed to attend one of the biggest hick-fest hullabaloo's in the United States. A party punctuated with miller lite, mullets and Marlboro's.

Yesterday I learned that in-field at the Indy 500 is not an ideal place for ladies. But yours truly, fully clad in her brand new Indy500 shirt and $3 concession stand sunglasses tried her best to fit in.
It all began at a spry 4am. David shaved his beard so that he could have an (appropriate) mustache for this worthy occasion and I stood next to him to apply my face.. and to take pictures.

We rushed over to Amy and Kyle's and soon were on our way to the track. Traffic was in deadlock for..well..a little over 5 hours. We finally parked at BIG LOT's for $20 and proceeded to make breakfast/lunch. Bloody Mary's and vegetarian brats (well, at least for David and me). TALK ABOUT DELICIOUS!

It must be noted that I am not a hick, hillbilly or redneck. My friends are not, either. However..for this special day some of us went all out in order to fit in with the masses. With that said, I feel slightly more comfortable with sharing the following pictures.

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fun with puffballs

Yesterday I went outside and played with puffball things - you know..those things that dandelions turn into. This guy came up to me wondering what I was doing. That is the story of my life, I say! I told him, "Sir! I'm taking pictures of puffballs!" and he scratched his head, cigarette in hand, and didn't say a word. So I went back to photographing my puffballs and even myself with my puffballs. It was a puffball paradise! puffball puffball puffball!

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Emoha =o(

Road in West Central Iowa

This is my favorite country road. I think I've posted the spring photo before, but not the fall one. Anyway, this road is in Iowa off I-80 at the Danish Windmill Museum exit. I want to take a picture of the road during every season...so far I have Spring and Fall. I wanted to get out this winter and get a photo with snow, but it never snowed enough! In any case...



Timber Ridge Farm, Illinois

The first image is a portion of the backyard of the farm I grew up on in Illinois (Quad City Area).  The second is the Mississippi from the Ben Butterworth Bike Path at night.  I took these pictures before I left to go to college in Los Angeles.  Now it seems surreal to think I grew up in a place of such storybook beauty.


Iowa Cornfield and Golden Sky; Liberty statue

My first post to this community! (I think...)

Taken yesterday evening, Southeast Iowa. A roadside cornfield backlit by the sun.


Also, a Liberty statue, Burlington IA, near the Mississipi River, taken a week ago.

Both taken with my Canon A520. I very much want to get my hands on a New! and Improved! camera, but alas, won't be getting one in the near foreseeable future.

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