August 8th, 2006

Midtown Omaha

First Post

Hello, and welcome to midwestphoto! For the first entry, here's a classic midwestern scene, taken on a gravel road somewhere off I-80 in the middle of Iowa. Photos here do *not* have to be all corn and cows and stereotypical "midwest," but I thought I'd start out with a shot of how beautiful it truly is living amongst such vastness.

Enjoy the community. =o)

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Emily Porch

Interests for the Community Info?

Hi all. =o) Start looking through your photos and get to posting!

What interests would you like to see listed in the community info? Think of local things people might search for when perusing communities on LJ. I'm not even an expert on my own state (Nebraska), so any keywords would be more than appreciated.

Emily the mod
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