ducks in Missouri

One of my favorite things about moving here is the duck pond at Krug Park. About a month and a half ago, my boyfriend and I noticed some ducklings. They've grown quite a bit since we first saw them, but they're still smaller than the other ducks.

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Hay You

Seeing a truck carrying hay probably doesn't seem very interesting to true Midwesterners. I'm new to the area, having moved here in November from Florida. To me, seeing this much hay on the back of a truck was reason enough for me to pull out my camera while driving.

Heading south on I-29 in Missouri
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Midtown Omaha

More Sunsets

ro_o's post below reminded me of one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen in my life, overlooking the western horizon on about 60th and Grover in Omaha, October 1, 2000:

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Want to Get Out?

This is for everyone who loves the midwest at its core. But you also want to go out and experience the world and you can't seem to get out of the midwest. It just keeps pulling you back in...

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Emily Porch

Interests for the Community Info?

Hi all. =o) Start looking through your photos and get to posting!

What interests would you like to see listed in the community info? Think of local things people might search for when perusing communities on LJ. I'm not even an expert on my own state (Nebraska), so any keywords would be more than appreciated.

Emily the mod
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Midtown Omaha

First Post

Hello, and welcome to midwestphoto! For the first entry, here's a classic midwestern scene, taken on a gravel road somewhere off I-80 in the middle of Iowa. Photos here do *not* have to be all corn and cows and stereotypical "midwest," but I thought I'd start out with a shot of how beautiful it truly is living amongst such vastness.

Enjoy the community. =o)

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